Tivoli Sheep and Lambs

Our lambs are Katahdin with some Dorper mix. The Dorper mix helps increase their body weight while the Katahdin contributes to their ability to resist parasites. Both are hair sheep which naturally shed their coats in summer which eliminates the work and cost of shearing.

We purchased our first Katahdin ewes three years ago and bred them with a good Dorper ram.

Our lambs are born on pasture in May and remain with their mothers until they naturally wean. They are 100% grass feed and receive no hormones or antibiotics. The ewes occasionally get a handful of grain as a treat, so that they will follow us to new pasture, since we do not have a shepherd dog.

Lambs picked up at the farm can be purchased for $2.25 per pound, live weight.

... receiving orders for 2019 season