About us

Cafh Order at Tivoli is a spiritual community, in the monastic tradition, part of a larger organization, Cafh, which promotes the Spiritual Unfolding of its members worldwide.

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Besides the life of the Community itself, an important aspect of the mission of our community is to maintain a retreat facility where the members of Cafh can have periodic Spiritual Retreats as part of their membership in Cafh and to host activities for non-members to introduce them to the spiritual concepts that we work with in Cafh. Both are free of charge.

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The tradition in Cafh is to establish our Retreat facilities, whenever possible, in quiet settings of natural beauty. Here in Tivoli we are fortunate to have, as part of this property, meadows, pastures, woodlands, ponds and a hill with a spectacular view.

But it is a big job, involving many, many hours of work on the part of our community to maintain, not only the buildings but also the landscaping, to mow the grassy areas and maintain the woodlands. To keep 30 acres of grass neatly mowed and accessible requires many hours of tractor time. It jars the bones, deafens the ears, pollutes the atmosphere and empties the pocket.

The solution to this situation has been our sheep. They eat the grass, browse the woodlands, helping control the vines that climb and choke the trees, organically foster the health of the pastureland with their manure and provide a source of protein for the diet of the community with some of their lambs.

Of course there are also costs associated with having a flock, but in the long run for us, the benefits seem to outweigh them. Besides, sheep and their lambs are beautiful and docile creatures that have accompanied humankind for centuries.

The lambs that we will not consume we sell to help offset the costs involved.